This is a brief impression about driving Ferrari Portofino – my first Ferrari driving experience, also the very first time on the race circuit as a driver.

As I was filling out the paperwork for the experience, I’ve been told there is no insurance valid on the track, everything is in my hands – made me more cautious. This is the first time, so I didn’t even consider pushing myself to my own limits, just enjoying the experience.

I was lead to the car after putting my helmet on. The instructor opened the door and guided me in setting up the comfortable seating position. The interior and the seating felt really tight, “Ferrari it is” I thought. Sporty steering wheel, seat hugging me tightly and wide car’s body feel on the road suggested it should be sticking to the tarmac well. I wasn’t mistaken. Ferrari Portofino felt fast, and surprisingly comfortable, rather soft suspension. It is a GT car in the end, not a cart! While I wasn’t confident about my track knowledge, I still tried out that Twin Turbo V8 on the long straight, and it felt fast as wind, light and smooth. The only limit is me. It’s how much I know the car, how much am I familiar with the track, how far is my fear and capability – these are the only questions to be answered. For the future.